Friday, March 2, 2007

Too late for Men At Work ...

And it's in San Francisco, not Berkeley, but check out the article on One Rincon Hill. Wow. I prefer the San Francisco with Victorians, not condos, but maybe others don't.

So I went on the road over the Presidents' Day Weekend, heading home to north San Diego County, where I grew up. During the trip, I visited the Bernardo Winery -- I'd lived within walking distance as a teenager, but rarely visited. Great place! Enjoy the shots. More Berkeley pix tomorrow.


Jing said...

love the first 2 photos.

have the nice weekend,
shanghai daily photo

ICE_Molly said...

San Fran is my favorite city! Lived there a few years ago and was sad to leave.... It is VERY sad to hear modern condos are replacing the lovely Victorian buildings....