Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Three for the price of one, once again

Look carefully at that first picture: It says "Remember Punky Brewster." Can I confess that that's San Francisco, not Berkeley? Will you forgive me? The spooky-eyed cat is mine, Oliver, the 18-year-old tabby, doing just fine, thanks. And why the tree in the wheelbarrow in North Berkeley? Why not?

Hope you're all well and looking forward to spring -- I sure am, and I'm so excited that Daylight Savings is coming three weeks early this year!

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Kim said...

Hope your trip went well. It's always nice to come home to Berkeley, though, eh? I wonder if on some of your Berkeley street shots you could pull back just a bit to reveal more of the surroundings of what you are photographing. I love seeing the place. Your kitty is magnificent. Meow,